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Dear Tiff,

We often talked about building a web site for sharing information about our wedding.  We wanted people to learn about our lives together and to have a central location for logistical information about the upcoming weekend in Toledo.  Now my intention is for this site to be a living memorial to you.

Hopefully those who were not at your memorial service will find solace and inspiration in the eulogies and songs posted here—some of the things that made the service so special.  Hopefully those who were at the service will be reminded again that it was such a beautiful tribute to you.  And hopefully everyone will find the site to be a happy reminder of your life so well-lived.

I especially want people to enjoy the photos and make full use of the share memories section.  The photos offer a small glimpse into your active, fun-filled life.  And the share memories section is a forum for ongoing exchange between all those people whose lives you touched so profoundly.

I miss you all the time.

Love always,


Recent Events

20 Nov 2005, Philadelphia Marathon - I did it!

17 Jan 2010, After a two year hiatus the share memories section is
now available again.


"Every good and perfect gift comes from above."  —James 1:17